Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random pics from the past month

a common sight at our house around bedtime (even when Sam is crying, he still smiles!)

l-r in back: Daddy, Me, my Dad, Ben, Liz, Justin
front: Sam, Kennedy holding Zeke, Gabe, Diggies holding Grayson, MacKenzie

Can you tell whose is whose? (click on the pic to enlarge)

Uncle Justin spotted something on the drive back to our place. They couldn't help but pull over and catch it

hhmm, I wonder where he learned to do this?

Diggies and his woman


Rebecca said...

Julia I just love you and your family too. I wish we could have spent more time together when we lived closer! What a cute family you have!!! Love those rough and tumbly boys of yours!!
Yeah for blogs!!!!!! I am so glad so we can keep caught up on eachother. We should plan to do something in the not so distant future!!! Miss you guys!

Millers! said...

I hear you are going to California.. FUN!!!! Fun pictures, the first one is hilarious with all the boys crying... my dont cry to much, as soon as a camera comes out, they are all CHEEZY!!!!!

Pollock Family said...

I love the "save the date"... that's hilarious!

Rebecca said...

Tag your it Julia! I know you just posted 100 things about you. Sorry! Copy and paste in a new post and viola! I am sure you know the drill!