Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boys will be boys

How true it is! Last week when we were pulling out that bush in the front yard, the boys were playing in front of our next door neighbors house. Sam kept running from their driveway to the street and back again. We don't worry much because we were both out there, as well as our neighbors, not to mention we live on a relatively quiet street. Our curb is kinda funky though, and it's not flush with the gutter, it's the kind that curves up like a big-o speed bump. Sam was thinking he's hot stuff because he recently perfected running over them without falling...... until of course mommy and daddy are busy ripping out a bush. He tripped over the curb and totally ate it. This is the aftermath of his fall. Luckily the bump on his forehead had already gone down, but he was still left with a lovely bruise under his nose.

Of course the
accidents don't stop with our boys! A few days after Sam's incident, I was on the computer while the boys were having quiet time. I heard a loud crack and just assumed that the boys were playing with toys and broke something. I went into their room and asked Diggies what they were doing and he insisted that he hadn't done anything. I asked him again and he gave me the same answer. I went and did a quick check on Zeke, he was still sleeping. Where the heck did it come from? On my way back from the living room, I glanced in our front room and noticed the front door window seemed a little "clearer" than normal. I went to inspect it and sure enough, the bottom of the window glass was broken. The boys across the street had been playing baseball with a wiffle ball (the small plastic balls with holes) and hit it just right to leave a lovely impression on our door. (click on the picture to enlarge it to see the get the full effect) We totally couldn't be mad at him... he's a boy and it's a window. You put those two together and something or someone will get hurt. When he told his mom about it, he admitted that he was sad that of all the neighbors it had to happen to, it happened to "the nice neighbors who always bring us yummy treats". Like they say, boys will be boys!

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