Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Husband Loves Me

Foreword: Description - The European Sham (aka Euro Sham) is the pillow covering for a large square pillow that typically measures 26x26. This is the first layer against the headboard, then you arrange your Standard/Queen shams or King size shams. In front of that you place your smaller accent pillows. This layering effect with different sizes and shapes and patterns is how to design a luxurious, inviting bedding ensemble!
Having said that, there is a lady from church that went into Efren's work and was asking about different decorating ideas and bedding options. Obviously since he oversees the soft side (i.e. bed linens, towels, window treatments) he is knowledgeable about bedding specifics and mentioned something about decorative pillows. He shared with her different ways to incorporate pillow options and recommended using some Euro Shams. She then asked if Euro Shams were the new and hot thing in the design world. "Nope, actually they've been around for quite a while." (she said that <she's from> doesn't carry Euro Shams up there!) He then recommended pairing her choice of shams with a new sheet set that just arrived to finish her look. She was quick to then comment that he must be gay because he knew a little too much detail about interior design for a man. Woman, that's his job! You're in a home decor store, not Target or Wal-Mart. I'd hope the employees would be capable of giving advice on how to successfully decorate and furnish the home the way the professionals do.

So my "fabulously gay" husband has to work on Valentine's Day, but still wanted to do something special for me. He told me I had to leave the house for at least an hour so he could finish his gift, so I decided to go shopping. While I was out, I looked at all kinds of stuff, but was looking in particular at new bedding. I wanted something simple but elegant, but with not too much happening. We bought a Pottery Barn bedskirt while in Chicago, but never found a Comforter or Duvet that we really liked. The pillows were ok because it was something we already had, but nothing special. Whatever... I don't want to spend $250-$400 on new bedding right now, especially on something that I didn't love. I called to see if I could come home and got the thumbs up. When I came home, he asked me to follow him to our bedroom. (uumm, ok. that question could get men in some serious trouble!) He asked me to turn on the lights to see my Valentine's Day gift and guess what I saw? It's a new bedding set! He's been collecting the ensemble for quite a few months with the extra input of everybody at work. Once again, Mommy was left in the dark while everyone else knew what was going on. It's ok though, it was a great surprise and worthwhile. You wanna know the best part? Since it's by Nautica, everything he got was well over $1,000 dollars worth of merchandise but by being patient and waiting for it to go clearance, he got everything for $85. Wa-hoo! Mommy is one special lady. We have finally graduated to designer bedding. Our bedroom now matches the quality throughout the rest our house. I bet that woman would like a "gay" husband like mine now! :p




Millers! said...

Darnit I read your whole blog, and was so excited to see the before and after pictures, and I saw the before and not the after!!!! hopefully tomorrow it will work! What a great husband!

bretandjulie said...

Wow, Efren is so talented! Lucky you to have such a thoughtful guy. The bed looks beautiful. Maybe he did all that to entice you to spend a little more time in the bedroom. :)

Tad and Jennifer said...

It's beautiful!! It's great to have such a thoughtful husband. I like Julie's comment about getting you to spend more time in the bedroom. I guess he wants a little girl. Enjoy!!!

The Gage Cage said...

Wow! I'm impressed!!! What a good man! I really like your new bedding too! It is simple and elegant. Love it!

Millers! said...

Ok its working now.... WAY WAY Beautiful... I want a new bedding set, but like you said, I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars on one right now! Good Job to your "happy" husband!!!!

Jessica said...

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