Saturday, September 27, 2008

Poor G

G wants to be a cuddly big brother, but underestimates his power. He's very strong, and doesn't realize how rough he's being, even when he's just being lovable.

(yes, our children do wear clothing, just not in these pictures!)

ok, that's good. I'm not so sure I like this snuggling thing.

Now I really don't want to snuggle.

I'm screaming because I want you to leave me alone, not because I want kisses.

Here's a happy brother, perhaps he'd like to snuggle.

Nope, not him either!

Let's try this again.... Nope, he still doesn't like it!

S's duck lip (a week later)

Scenario: I'm cooking dinner, E's in the living room playing with thing 1 and thing 2. S was playing with Z in the boys room.

Disaster waiting to happen: S came running down the hallway, bent over, "driving" the big monster trucks (one in each hand). The rubber tire got funky, caught on grout, S's face planted straight into the tile floor.

Result: Busted top lip, sliced upper gum line from lip to front teeth. Still a happy boy, just with a big-o duck lip! TBD if he'll be joining his brother in the rank of sporting a dead front tooth. So far things look pretty good, but it's still healing.

Alright already

I am: an overachiever and a perfectionist.
I think: people think we're insane for all we've taken on in the last few months.
I know: outsiders see my side of the family as being closer than we really are.
I want: to be on vacation already.
I dislike: sick babies, people touching my face, and black pens.
I miss: Chicago and it's cold winters.
I fear: that one of our sons will become "lost" again in his own world.
I hear: N & G wrestling in their room, despite it being quiet time.
I smell: nasty! I'm hoping to take a shower after I'm done posting this and finish emailing my world religions professor.
I crave: to stand face-to-face with God and ask him why he had to think so highly of me.
I cry: only when people are not looking.
I search: the internet in hopes of finding solutions to "fix" things I'm experiencing.
I wonder: if I'll ever overcome being a perfectionist, and learn to let things go.
I regret: not busting my butt earlier this semester so I don't have to play catch-up..... I don't totally regret it though because the kids really needed my attention.
I love: my husband and all the things he does for our family.
I care: about my GPA. I expect nothing less than a 4.0 from myself.
I always: over analyze financial decisions.
I worry: that the boys will eat us out of house and home when they're teenagers.
I am not: so good at always eating only because I'm hungry... sometimes the food just tastes really good!
I remember: the first time I was awake during an entire c-section (with the second) and how strange it felt to have him pulled out.
I believe: that God has a sense of humor.
I dance: like a black girl.
I sing: along to songs I probably shouldn't know the words to.
I don't always: follow the dr's recommendation to not use q-tips. (Do I really need to explain how impossible it is?)
I argue: with the kids, but never with E.
I write: papers really, really well... now if only my writing transferred over into my oral conversations.
I win: monopoly every time.
I lose: my cool more times than people realize.
I wish: I could make things the way I'd like to have them, but I can't.
I listen: to music every day.
I don't understand: why some people get things handed to them.
I can usually be found: doing twenty things at one time.
I am scared: for the pain my friend and his wife will endure if their baby does not survive more than a few days after birth.
I need: to take a shower and finish doing my homework.
I forget: what my stomach looked like without a c-section scar.
I am happy: when the kids are playing nicely together AND my house is clean.

Tag #1 done.... #2-3, still to come! =)

Everyone who has read this and not done it, consider yourself tagged!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mommy always wins!

I have a lot of pet peeves. One of them (besides the "usuals": black inked pens, people touching my face, people touching my butt, people stepping on my feet, loud noises, clutter) is doors being slammed. It's a scar I've carried with me ever since traumatic things happened during childhood, and I haven't been able to overcome it. Something about slamming doors just brings out the craziness in me. A few weeks back, G was a little over-the-top for me. He was being horrible (licking- saving it for another post), so I asked him to go to his room. Of course he didn't listen the first time around, so I waited 30 seconds and then instructed him (again) to go to his room. He stomped his foot and did the "uuhh, no" thing. Ok, apparently he needed a little helping finding his room. I took his hand and guided him to his room. He threw himself on the ground in protest, but I left it (him) alone and walked back into the other room. Just as soon as I reached the kitchen (it's the first place you reach when exiting the hallway with their rooms) he slammed his door. Umm, did he just do what I thought he did? His 5 year-old brother quickly confirmed what I thought I witnessed before I could even finish my thought.

I walked back to his bedroom, opened the door, and warned him not to slam his door again. If he did, he wouldn't like the consequence. I turned around, walked back down the hall.... WHACK! Oh, nuh-uh, he didn't just do that.

As I was walking back to his room, I could hear him fiddling with the knob. By the time I got there, he had locked the door. You wanna play that game, little boy? Mommy can play too. The difference.... MOMMY ALWAYS WINS! I don't care if Daddy at work right now, you will NOT be doing that in this house...

Try slamming your door now, Mr. G!

*update: after 2 1/2 days, he "earned" his door back. He hasn't done it since.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I know, I know

It's been forever! Things have been very, very busy to put it lightly. Our camera finally bit the dust [it was 4.5 years old- prehistoric in the tech world] so we were without a camera for almost 2 months. We finally got around to ordering a new one so we would have something to take pics with for G's birthday party. I finally got around to uploading pics from the old memory card and stumbled across these from 2 months ago...

More posts to follow (hopefully soon)...