Friday, April 8, 2011

A year later

A year later and I still do not have time to keep this blog, especially with the latest curve ball throw our way. I have started another blog to record our journey and keep people informed with Tyler's health. That one should be updated more than once a year. :)

You can read that blog at Tyler C with EE.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes & No / LAST CHANCE OPPORTUNITY!! / Win a $10 Target GC

Yes.... we are alive.

No.... this doesn't not mean we're coming back to blogging anytime soon.

Yes.... we are having another baby next week.

No.... there WON'T be a blog and/or facebook update when the baby gets here.

Yes.... it stinks to be you if you assumed you would get updates by checking the blog.

No.... that doesn't automatically make you excluded from the latest and greatest. (KEEP READING!)



If you want to be in the know, this is your chance.

When the baby arrives, we will send out an email with details and pictures once we're out of post-op and have a room. For those who can't wait that long, we will be able to text.

But this will require effort on your part!

Unless you have already told me you want to be included (within the last week), you are not on the "people to update" list. If you want to be added, leave a comment to this post with either your email and/or cell number. Comments will be deleted as we get them and add you to the list. If you'd rather not leave a comment, you can email us at (the first part of the blog address, up until the first dot) @ q . com

If you don't contact us by this Sunday (April 4th, EASTER!), do not take offense when you are not contacted.


What's a final blog post without something fun?

I've been a little OCD with getting last minute stuff for the baby. DH says I have gone to Target 4x each week for the past month, I beg to differ. I might average 3x/week but 4x is totally overstating it! ;-)

Either way, one of you will win a $10 Target giftcard.

Here's how it works. Leave a comment with how big you think this baby will be. *Our other babies weighed 8 15, 9 even, 7 3, and 9 14* (If you were already planning on leaving a comment for the "Last Chance Opportunity" above, make sure you leave an additional comment as the email/cell numbers comments will be deleted.) The closest person wins. If there is a tie, the winner will be decided by whoever leaves their comment first. You have until 1pm (AZ time) on Monday, April 5th to leave your best guess. Good luck!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needing to vent

Dear Mr. Lego Man,

We have a lengthy love/hate relationship. I can (vividly) recall playing for hours on end with my little brother's Legos. I can also (vividly) recall the envy I had towards my brother as he was (is) the youngest of four girls and my uncle had (has) a soft-spot for the baby of the family, (perhaps because he too is the baby?) which meant that often Christmas'= fresh Lego set for my brother. (I would have to build the complicated parts of the set for him. The older sisters were "too cool" for Legos.) I suppose it was good preparation for becoming a mother of four boys, and now I can build the Lego Batmobile (with four boys playing tag, weaving in and out of my legs) in no time flat.

Mister Lego Man, did I mention DH doesn't play with your creations because he claims he has always been too cool for them? (Do you, too, see a common theme?)

Regardless, as a parent I am becoming to hate you again. Did you ever take into consideration that a 3-year-old may rip off his 4-year-old brother's Star Wars figurine's head and throw it into the abyss (under the kitchen stove).... all because the 4-year-old was being a "poo poo head?" Did you further consider that perhaps that would upset the 4-year-old so much that he would decapitate his 6-year-old brother's figurine and hide it in a spot so top secret, that even the 4-year-old would forget where it was hidden?

I must say, I truly find the crying to be a bit over the top. 12 hours ago I loved you. What has happened?

Could you please make note and in the (immediate) future sell figurine heads al la carte?

Momma of Many Lego-loving Boys

P.S. Did you know that a little hand can spend many days (if not weeks) in the garbage disposal and endure multiple spinning cycles and still come out recognizable? Kudos to your greatly engineered, but overpriced pieces of plastic.


Dear Mr. Scorpion,

I thought we were past being graced with your presence in our home, but sadly I am wrong. Please do not curl up in my flip-flop and think I will not notice you. You have violated our agreement when you entered our home without our permission. Yes, the boys like to get up close and personal with you, but I would rather not have such relationship with you. Leave me, my kitchen, and our home alone.

Scorpion Hater


Dear Mr. Scorpion's Friend.

I assumed because your friend didn't make it out alive that you would have got the message. Again, I stand corrected. Just because you were smaller than your counterpart doesn't mean I wouldn't notice you. Do you really think I would allow you to sit 12 inches away from your friend's resting place without calling for DH? Sorry, visiting hours are over. Go home and don't come back. (FYI that was a pun. I know for certain you will not be coming back. DH squished you as flat as a pancake. Your friends might stand a chance in the future if I don't see them, but DH definitely put his foot down with you.)

Still a Scorpion Hater


Dear Mr. Spider,

I am writing letters to all of my "friends" and clearly you want in on the action... you are casually climbing across the bed as I type this as if I wouldn't see you. Please stay off our bed. If your other insect friends didn't stand a chance, I sure as [*$&@] aren't going to put up with you either.

Don't say I didn't warn you


Dear Random Ants,

I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't march mindlessly across the kitchen counter. I have personally made sure there is not one crumb left on the one counter you love so dearly. Perhaps you should look somewhere else instead. Hey, if you come back later tonight then maybe there might be some "food" for you on the ground. Go run crazy next to my flip-flop. Watch out though, it might sting.

You do it again, I pull out the Raid


Dear Terminix Man,

We pay you in advance for your services not because I enjoy picking up all the scattered toys scattered admist our backyard on the day you come to spray, and not because we have nothing better to do with our money, but because I justified the funds as a "necessity" and well spent if I (and the family) didn't have to live with desert-y insects. Please reassure me the money has not gone to waste.

Your Loyal Customer


Dear Son,

The reason we did not buy a dog is because our financial resources are low after our unanticipated Lego store visit. Admittedly I am thinking the dog might have cost less in the long run and killed all of our bug issues without effort on my (and Terminix Man's) in the here and now. Hmm....


Dear Mr. Refrigerator,

I am sorry that I will soon tape your face. Unfortunately Squeaky Z likes to search the house for vessel-like objects and scurry over to play with you more times in one day than I would care to recall. He thoroughly enjoys watching your water shoot into the objects he so eagerly pushes against you. It doesn't seem to faze him that his cup runneth over. Actually it is quite the contrary.... He laughs as your water overflows the rim of the cups (and other containers). Although he enjoys watching your water spill down his clothing, down your face, cover whatever box or stool (used to give a height boost), and puddle on the floor, I do not approve. I have extremely enjoyed drinking your purified water but it becomes a bit much when the 22-month-old finds humor in his older brothers slipping and falling (with your aid, of course) in said watery mess. If your dispenser had a lock I would not have to cover you up, but you don't, which leaves me with little options.

Please understand!

It was him, not you


Ahhhh, I feel much better!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009


For those who have prayed countless times for this family; He has heard and answered.

Miracles do happen, here is proof.

Here is the sister that was ejected from the car, left gasping for air while lying on the freeway. She went from suffering internal bleeding, double collapsed lungs, a brain so swollen that part of her skull was temporarily removed, numerous surgeries, broken legs, and on life support for several weeks, to a 5 year old girl who, well, see for yourself...

All of 'em together

minus this little guy.

Welcome back, Faiza. We have missed you!

*for those who noticed the familiar backyard, yes, this is OUR backyard. But that is a whole other upcoming post, as are the California trip pictures.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you serious?

Do you remember this post? (If you don't, you can click here to read it.)

Well we were busy helping members of this family with their challenges that our life got a little sidetracked. Everything comes at a cost and getting a college education is no different. Last year I spent some time applying for various scholarships in hopes of getting something to help with the financial costs of attending college. Lucky for me, my work had paid off.

I had set aside the week of the due date to reapply for the scholarships.

Life happened. Between losing a baby and losing a dear friend, dedicating time to writing papers wasn't in the cards for me. Helping others is a blessing that comes during a specific time and place. Although I really wanted to reapply for scholarships, I knew that my being of service to others would have far greater blessings than any scholarship could award me.

The scholarship due date was the same day I was invited to Ahmed's burial. Money could wait, but this moment in time could not be paused, even for one second.

A week after the burial the phone rang.

"Hi, there is Jerry with the [city] Chamber of Commerce. How are you doing?"

I paused, not knowing what to think.

"So I'm calling to inform you that you are the recipient of the 2009-2010 scholarship. Instead of awarding a new recipient, we would rather award it to you instead."

*Stunned, still not knowing what to think.* Then finally, "You do realize I hadn't applied for any of the scholarship, right?"

"Yes, we know that. Usually we do not renew such scholarships, but after reviewing the current applicants, we felt it best to renew your scholarship than award it to someone else. We usually don't do this, but after talking with a few people, we're going to do it this time. We feel you desire it more than the others."


Dear Husband was excited and said, "Congratulations honey. Why don't I take you out to dinner and, if you're lucky, you'll get some money for school while you're at it."

I also got to bring an additional guest to the event this year. Who better else to bring to such occasion than a person who has unconditionally stood behind me in all my craziness than Mrs. Barbara V?

Hey Barb, you must have been lucky too cause Dear Husband "picked up" your dinner as well! *wink*

Summer 2008

Summer 2009 - Nice to see you again, Rich!

Happy Birthday Son, but....

Happy Birthday Diggs!

Diggs turned 6 towards the end of May. Being the good mother that I am, I have not made time had time to sit down and write about the event. (In all fairness, I did have valid reasons for not posting this sooner: I had finals one week, his birthday party (round one) the following week, end of school stuff for Diggs, my scholarship/awards banquet dinner Wednesday night, and then we drove to California the very next morning. *sigh*)

Anyways, back to Diggs turning 6. As you can see for yourself, he thinks very highly of himself.

["Its my birthday! I am a star!" And a lovely cake with the number six on top because, after all, “6-year-olds are the coolest kids ever.” (I can’t wait to see what we are in for next year.)]

He got to have a “boy” party and invite a few friends to Makutu’s Island. All the boys had fun, but hands down the highlight was getting to see Tate again. (Tate changed schools shortly after the beginning of last year’s school year. I was surprised by how much they could remember about each other (they’re favorite character, favorite color, etc) even though they hadn’t seen each other for 9+ months. Surely I must have already forgotten how 6-year-olds are the coolest kids ever.)


Diggs had begged us for months for a pet fish.

Let’s just say that I we don’t do animals (perhaps the Pollocks have enough animals for both of our families?), so I would use any excuse to postpone adding an animal to our bunch. “Ooohhh, that sounds like fun. Maybe we should wait until your birthday.”

Quickly the request shifted from wanting a fish to wanting a crab. He ended up hitting the jackpot this year and got both; a crab from us and a fish from a friend.

Meet Nacos (rhymes with tacos) the Crab.

And Batman the Beta (sorry, no pics of Batman - imagine a black beta fish with bulgy eyes).


Unfortunately, WE (still) aren’t pet people.

Batman survived a little over a week before he went belly up.

Nacos died the following day.

Have I mentioned we are not pet people?