Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes & No / LAST CHANCE OPPORTUNITY!! / Win a $10 Target GC

Yes.... we are alive.

No.... this doesn't not mean we're coming back to blogging anytime soon.

Yes.... we are having another baby next week.

No.... there WON'T be a blog and/or facebook update when the baby gets here.

Yes.... it stinks to be you if you assumed you would get updates by checking the blog.

No.... that doesn't automatically make you excluded from the latest and greatest. (KEEP READING!)



If you want to be in the know, this is your chance.

When the baby arrives, we will send out an email with details and pictures once we're out of post-op and have a room. For those who can't wait that long, we will be able to text.

But this will require effort on your part!

Unless you have already told me you want to be included (within the last week), you are not on the "people to update" list. If you want to be added, leave a comment to this post with either your email and/or cell number. Comments will be deleted as we get them and add you to the list. If you'd rather not leave a comment, you can email us at (the first part of the blog address, up until the first dot) @ q . com

If you don't contact us by this Sunday (April 4th, EASTER!), do not take offense when you are not contacted.


What's a final blog post without something fun?

I've been a little OCD with getting last minute stuff for the baby. DH says I have gone to Target 4x each week for the past month, I beg to differ. I might average 3x/week but 4x is totally overstating it! ;-)

Either way, one of you will win a $10 Target giftcard.

Here's how it works. Leave a comment with how big you think this baby will be. *Our other babies weighed 8 15, 9 even, 7 3, and 9 14* (If you were already planning on leaving a comment for the "Last Chance Opportunity" above, make sure you leave an additional comment as the email/cell numbers comments will be deleted.) The closest person wins. If there is a tie, the winner will be decided by whoever leaves their comment first. You have until 1pm (AZ time) on Monday, April 5th to leave your best guess. Good luck!