Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is for you, Katrina

I've been busy (to say the least) with all of the end-of-semester stuff and haven't focused 100% of my attention on potty training the poor boy. Every time S goes down for a nap, he ALWAYS takes his diaper off. He hasn't been peeing (thank goodness), just doesn't like wearing a diaper. The other day I told him "keep your shorts on!" as I laid him down. Apparently I wasn't specific enough. He did however manage to put his shorts back on by himself.

Who said you can only fit 1 kid in a stroller?

On our way to pick up N from school.

C'mon now, who really needs a triple stroller? It appears as though a single stroller does quite well for our little family.

*the white stuff on Z's shirt.... truly, a sucker isn't complete gone until the paper stick has been devoured too!

This will do the trick

Me: "Umm, honey.... what's that on S's pants?"

Him: "I couldn't find a belt so I used the next best thing!"

Yes folks, those ARE zip-ties.