Friday, March 6, 2009

Let the games begin

N got an award for getting 100% on all of his phonogram and spelling pickles. I don't know why, but they call various tests "pickles." N says he's super cool, Daddy says N's a super pickle!

The next morning, Daddy left a special note before leaving for work.

Embarrassed, N quickly erased the message and wrote,

"Mom wished she could be cool like a super pickle.

And so the games begin.


Older and Wisor said...

Nate, your mom CAN'T be super pickle because girls don't have pickles....otherwise, you'd refer to her as your dad's life partner, ya know what I'm sayin?

Pollock Family said...

I'm surprised he didn't draw the pickle as part of a sandwich!

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone is starting to feel better now. I think that it is cool that he wants you (J) to be part of the "SUPER HERO CLUB".... even if it is just a Pickle. Perhaps he wasn't really embarrased... he just wanted you to feel special too. Let the games begin? I think he has gotten the "writing bug" from his MOM's Side of the family.... How many blogs are there from the family now? Go Nate... Keep you're mom and dad on their toes!



Meredith said...

Super pickle!!! Love it!! And don't worry - in first grade they are back to being tests again. You ARE a super pickle in my mind, anyway.

Reggs said...

You are even better than the super pickle!
You are super cucumber. Not just 'cuz you're cool as a cucumber, but also because you contain much less salt.

can i call you super cuc?