Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playing catch-up

I'd be here 'til next year if I were to sit and write out all the stories between mid March and now. Instead, I will spare you the details and get you up to speed via photos.

The boys have climbed mountains,

and helped Mommy in the kitchen.

The California cousins came for a visit: translation, nights spent like this.

They got invited to go visit Uncle J's uncle's "farm." It may not be exciting for some, but check out the entertainment the cow provided by doing this click on the picture if you want to see stuff coming out of its back end

This little boy

loves to play in water, and was in heaven doing this

all afternoon. Meanwhile, the older boys had fun with their new (my brother-in-law's father) Grandpa Pollock and cousins, riding in this.

And went fast like this.

By the end of the trip, there were 2 boys who believed they were real cowboys... especially since they could bravely stand on the fence like this.

A boy turned 3 and had a small party while his cousins were in town.

Mommy thought she would throw a big party the day of his birthday, but didn't anticipate having a miscarriage the day before. Luckily she has some amazing friends who volunteered to throw together a last minute party, Mickey Mouse cake and all!

A boy found a utensil perfect for eating cereal

and a good book to read.

Mommy took a break from this,

and went with a friend to go do this.

And for two seconds, she nearly forgot about how resourceful he's become,

how the Top Secret location of the make-up is no longer Top Secret,

how Mr. G is an aspiring photographer and wants to capture moments like these, even if Mommy just happened to wake up minutes prior

how cocoa puffs sometimes get mixed in with lettuce,

how blinkers randomly get turned on for unknown reasons,

how knives get left in jars,

and an occasional monkey that enjoys a ride.


Rebecca said...

Nice...I need to do a post like this! Nice need another break? Soon...VERY soon!

kelly said...

That was a very enjoyable post. I like the Mother's Day questioneer too. So, your fav show is Spiderman and your fav snack is pbj? That is awesome that he thinks that.

Meredith said...

Busy this post!!!

Hilary said...

Lots of fun things going on in your household!
I recently got a pedicure as's such a great treat isn't it??
I loved the cocoa puffs in the lettuce! hehe


The Pollock Family said...

You have a smoochie blog pic now! And it looks awesome!

Katrina said...

I like all the pics, but my two favs are the boys looking in the oven, and your smootchie pic. SO CUTE! Men are like pools, lots of work to maintain, but worth the perks. :D

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Your boys are precious!

Older and Wisor said...

Oh man - I LOVE that oven photo!


I love everything about this post!

Anonymous said...

What fun times for everyone! I'm sure that they are looking forward to their summer vacation and the many adventures that await!



Sierra Wisor said...

Oven picture is funny! I love your toes, I wish I could get mine done like that.