Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

My own "Queen Joolya" crown

N's class threw a Mother's Day Tea; a special event for just him and his mommy. He was excited that the instructions were that he was supposed to serve me and I couldn't do anything. He had surprised me with a pink flower planted in a personalized [read: I love Sonic! I love Sonic heros. Sonic is the best. Mom loves Sonic.] flowerpot, a completed questionnaire all about me, and all the kids sang us songs.

Mommy Facts (according to N)

What's your mother's name? Joolya
What do you call her? Mom
How old is she? 26
How tall is she? 5
How much does she weigh? 130
What color is her hair? Brown
What's her favorite drink and snack? Lemonad and pbj
What does she cook? Chile
What's her favorite TV show? Spider Man
What's her favorite thing to do with you? Snugle
What does she like to do for fun? Trikc my dad (Trick my dad)
What does she do during the day? Sleep
What's the one thing she says to you most often? I love you!

Mom's Wish Express...
Wishes for Mom... clean the windows.
Wishes for Mom... I will take care of my brothers!
Wishes for Mom... I will snuggle with my brothers.
Wishes for Mom... I will help my dad cook so you can go to sleep!


Apparently I have mastered my parental responsibility in preparing our son to become a great husband someday. Even though he's only 5, he knows that the way to a mother's heart is by making her dinner, cleaning her house, watching the children (and making sure they're happy), and letting her take a nap.


Pollock Palooza said...

That's so cute. I think my favorite part was the Queen Joolya crown!

Danika said...

I loved the mothers day tea last year. I was bummed they don't do anything like it in 1st grade (just a "portfolio presentation" next week). I love the little questionnaires - they are so insightful!

Millers! said...

Yeah I LOVE the Joolya Crown.. I didnt get it at first then I totally laughed, he is adorable! how fun!

Rebecca said...

Joolya!! I didn't know you were already down to 130lbs!! Dang you must have gone on a 24 hour cleansing! ;) I better get going! I will be sure to keep in mind your favorite show is Spider Man for your birthday and Christmas! Who knew?! Way to go Nate...you are one smart boy!!

Hilary said...

So cute! What a great boy you have there :)
One of Isaac's gifts to me on Mother's Day was to let me take a nap!
Never underestimate the power of a nap!
Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Go Nate!

I'm so glad that he loves his MOMMY! You're right.... as soon as they get over the fighting, they will be trained to pick up, clean up, and organize everything BACK just the way it was BEFOR Mommy gets home or wakes up! Very SMART Boys!



Reggs said...

How do I get my kid to say that I'm 26 and 130 pounds??

Love ya, Joolya. :P

Sierra Wisor said...

Haha, "Joolya". You know, Zeke totally looks like Gabe. Zeke's you're youngest, right? Yep.