Saturday, September 27, 2008

S's duck lip (a week later)

Scenario: I'm cooking dinner, E's in the living room playing with thing 1 and thing 2. S was playing with Z in the boys room.

Disaster waiting to happen: S came running down the hallway, bent over, "driving" the big monster trucks (one in each hand). The rubber tire got funky, caught on grout, S's face planted straight into the tile floor.

Result: Busted top lip, sliced upper gum line from lip to front teeth. Still a happy boy, just with a big-o duck lip! TBD if he'll be joining his brother in the rank of sporting a dead front tooth. So far things look pretty good, but it's still healing.


Katrina said...

OHhhhhh! He still looks like himself though, Benjamin was calling out his name, so, can't be too bad!

Abbey said...

Sad! He's still a cutie though! We're going to miss you guys too, I don't think nursery will be the same for Kyndal without Sam :( Maybe sooner rather than later too,,,