Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alright already

I am: an overachiever and a perfectionist.
I think: people think we're insane for all we've taken on in the last few months.
I know: outsiders see my side of the family as being closer than we really are.
I want: to be on vacation already.
I dislike: sick babies, people touching my face, and black pens.
I miss: Chicago and it's cold winters.
I fear: that one of our sons will become "lost" again in his own world.
I hear: N & G wrestling in their room, despite it being quiet time.
I smell: nasty! I'm hoping to take a shower after I'm done posting this and finish emailing my world religions professor.
I crave: to stand face-to-face with God and ask him why he had to think so highly of me.
I cry: only when people are not looking.
I search: the internet in hopes of finding solutions to "fix" things I'm experiencing.
I wonder: if I'll ever overcome being a perfectionist, and learn to let things go.
I regret: not busting my butt earlier this semester so I don't have to play catch-up..... I don't totally regret it though because the kids really needed my attention.
I love: my husband and all the things he does for our family.
I care: about my GPA. I expect nothing less than a 4.0 from myself.
I always: over analyze financial decisions.
I worry: that the boys will eat us out of house and home when they're teenagers.
I am not: so good at always eating only because I'm hungry... sometimes the food just tastes really good!
I remember: the first time I was awake during an entire c-section (with the second) and how strange it felt to have him pulled out.
I believe: that God has a sense of humor.
I dance: like a black girl.
I sing: along to songs I probably shouldn't know the words to.
I don't always: follow the dr's recommendation to not use q-tips. (Do I really need to explain how impossible it is?)
I argue: with the kids, but never with E.
I write: papers really, really well... now if only my writing transferred over into my oral conversations.
I win: monopoly every time.
I lose: my cool more times than people realize.
I wish: I could make things the way I'd like to have them, but I can't.
I listen: to music every day.
I don't understand: why some people get things handed to them.
I can usually be found: doing twenty things at one time.
I am scared: for the pain my friend and his wife will endure if their baby does not survive more than a few days after birth.
I need: to take a shower and finish doing my homework.
I forget: what my stomach looked like without a c-section scar.
I am happy: when the kids are playing nicely together AND my house is clean.

Tag #1 done.... #2-3, still to come! =)

Everyone who has read this and not done it, consider yourself tagged!

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Pollock Family said...

"I know: outsiders see my side of the family as being closer than we really are"... What is that crap?! I remember you saying that months ago and being so taken back I didn't really know what to say. Can't remember what my response was, but after getting off the phone I was a little in shock. Now that I see it in writing, I wonder if you need some of my happy pills! Sister! Family is only as close as you allow them to be!