Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why children need a mother AND a father

This boy's mother would not allow him to go outside looking like this.

His father willingly took this boy (still wearing this ensemble) out into public.

Mom: Aren't you going to make him change first?
Dad: No. Do I need to?
Mom: Have you seen what he's wearing?
Dad: Yah! Do I really need to have him change? We're only going to Costco.


A father doesn't wear gloves before retrieving a flour tortilla, 5" Batman figurine, and a rubber bouncy ball from the toilet.

What a nice daddy our boys have.


3girlsmom said...

okay i have to say i would be like the father in this situation. you should see some of the get ups my girls wear in public. doesn't a princess costume with dress up heels count as playwear?

on the other hand mauricio is like you. one time i was ready to go out to office depot and the girls were in one of their many "get ups" and i was fine with them wearing them and he was a bit more adamant, shall we say, about them changing!

and hey if he washed after he retrieved the toy out of the toilet what's the harm? are you totally grossed out now?

Meredith said...

Yup. He is a good Daddy. Sometimes Julia, let go a little and take your kid to Costco after they are so proud of choosing their outfit and the rest of us can either commiserate with you or snicker as you walk by wondering who lets their child out in public like that!

Older and Wisor said...

I'm siding with Efren. But I'm not really that particular. Although Roger has been known to show up with a child or two late for church before and I thought perhaps the child's outfit was a joke. A very bad joke.

And of course you didn't specify if Efren was wearing a matching outfit, which my educated guess on this one would be yes. In that case, it would have been totally adorable, and yet somewhat disturbing.

And I hope he washed his hands after the bathroom incident. FOR AN HOUR. (But at least he got it. Which is gross. But it means you didn't have to. That's love.) Please tell me that he didn't then eat the tortilla. Or make it into a sandwich.

Mariel said...

The other day I came home to find my little girl playing in the 2 foot deep snow in just her diaper and cowboy boots. She was having the time of her life under her daddy's care!

Ben said...

its funny that he gets the ball before the tortilla, and he doesnt wash em!! hahaha grodie!!


Yes, every child needs both a father and a mother. As you have pointed out, for good reason too!!!