Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grandma, Grandma Every Where

Any time we tell the kids we are going somewhere and "grandma" is mentioned, the questions start flowing. Which Grandma is it? Well, let's see. There is:

Grandma C - the one with Uncle A


Grandma B - the one that lives with my cousins

Grandma H - the one who calls G "hetta face"

Grandma P - the one with the dog named Bella


Grandma B

and that does not include the adopted-along-the-way...

Auntie J

Grandma K - the one that turned ** (**= how old she just turned)

Grandma - the one from next door


Rebecca said...

There is one "Grandma" that looks oddly familiar..hmmm. What does "the one that turned" mean?

Rosalie said...

Oh no.
If it's Grandma Carla then you best hide all your french toast stuff.


[And how come I'M not mentioned at all on your blog?]


let me see if I read correctly!!!? I knew you had four young boys, but you are seriously going to school full time too!!!??? Wow, you are amazing/brave. I can't even begin to imagine how tired you must be! what are you studying in school?


Anonymous said...

WOW - I can't believe how much Gabers and I have changed over the past 4 Years... amazing! What a Blessing to have soooooo many Grandmothers! What a challenge to remember all of them!



3girlsmom said...

that is tooo funny! we have a nona too! we love grandmas! they babysit. have fun with the running boy!