Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

Hooray, my first Not Me Monday. This is a time for me to share all the things that totally did NOT happen this past week. (For the rules, click here.)

Our sweet little G did not pull up the blinds in his bedroom to make the cord really long. He then did not proceed in wrapping it around his little brother's neck. Mr. S does not have a scabbed-over rope burn around his neck.

Big E did not buy me some mineral powder foundation for my birthday that was used to "clean" the bathroom mirror. G & S did not proceed with their cleaning and squeeze half of the new tube of toothpaste on the freshly cleaned mirror doors and in/around our bathtub, then invite Z in to help smear around. Not my children!

I was not excited to hear that even without taking my microeconomics finals, I still got an A in the class. Furthermore, I am not excited that I have 3 weeks off from school.

G did not watch Z play in the toilet after G used it, but before he flushed it. G did not come to tell me to get the camera so I could take a picture of Z having "lots of fun."

I am not needing to finish my Christmas shopping. I've got 4 kids at home and I am not going to take them out to get a few last things, with the thousands of other people out shopping. Nope, not me!

The boys wanted to go play in the rain so I put socks on Z so his piggies wouldn't freeze. But I did not put our 5 1/2 year old's sandals on our 14 month old when he wanted to get down and walk. I did not put Teva-style sandals on a boy who was already wearing socks- that would be disgusting! I did not let him walk around like that and I did not bust up laughing when he looked like he was walking in skiis.


sandi said...

Ahhh!!! Is this what I have to look forward to??!!! I'm probably on my way to having a Not Me Monday- with three boys!

K&MSilva said...

I'm glad NONE of that happened, because that would have been a nightmare! Except for the school vacation, that would have been fun :)

Anonymous said...

NOT my grandsons... they are ANGELS!! They would NEVER do any of those things. Glad you have a few weeks off to JOIN in the FUN! (especially since it is your STUFF that they are using).

Be NICE to the kids.



Katrina said...

I am NOT a moron, who did NOT go to the original website, to NOT figure out how to NOT do this. Um. I still do NOT get it...