Wednesday, August 13, 2008


You read that right.... CAMPING. We went camping: well, sort of. For everyone who says, "yah right, you don't camp," you're totally right! I am not a big camper. My idea of camping is visiting the dirt, then retreating to a hotel room in the evening where I can shower all the nastiness away. Sitting around for hours and not being physically active just isn't my cup of tea.

We decided to have a little family outing during my 5 day break between summer sessions back in July. We went up to a lake that's about 45 mins from here. It was horrible to say the least. The elevation is barely higher than where we live, so the 110 degree heat was not escaped. To make matters worse, our assigned campsite was about 20 yards from the bathrooms that weren't equipped with flushing toilets... Sweltering heat and a glorified porta-potty- Fabulous! But who cares about that when the campsite is 20 feet from the swampy part of the lake? I couldn't wait to jump in! [note the sarcasm] I was constantly reminded how much I love camping. For the record, I did not complain once. Perhaps it was due to the much thought out planning of taking 2 vehicles. We knew there would be no way our 7 1/2 month old would share a tent with us and get a decent amount of sleep. Once the sun started to set, I brought the younger 2 boys home. Words can not express how wonderful the car's AC was. The whole drive home I couldn't help but reflect on how miserable I was, but it was all worthwhile. It was a temporary inconvenience for an experience we could share with the boys. The following morning, Daddy and the older 2 were supposed to come home around noon-ish. I laughed hysterically when they walked through the door before 8. Apparently camping (in a tent) at that location in July isn't what it was cracked up to be. We have learned our lesson.


Rebecca said...

I love camping...but I would not love camping where you did! Did you not like girls camp? Where did you guys camp? I bet not far from where we went when I lived in Cali. I went to the camp in Cali for 5 years even after I moved to Oregon cause it was seriously the best camping experience ever!

Rebecca said...

We would go through Fresno by the way to get to our camp was a 5 hour bus ride!!